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Parkville Tumbling and Acro Classes

Tumbling & Cheer

Classes focus on the skill sets needed to execute gymnastic feats (such as somersaults and handsprings) without the use of apparatus. Focused on floor work, we will work on skills that compliment your routines outside of Parkville Tumbling and Acro. If your routine needs assistance with cleaning, we will develop further skills to advance your technique.

Ages: Pre-K through High School



Acro focuses on strength, poise and flexibility. Many tricks and movements consist of  flair and/or extreme mental agility. We will hone in on your skills to stylize your acrobatics and acro-technique.  *This is not acro dance, but technique taught to include in acro dance. We work with many dance studios.

Ages: Pre-K through High School


Focused on floor work, beams and bars, we will utilize gymnastic equipment to further skills and master higher levels of technique. With the use of these apparatuses, we will specialize in certain forms.

Ages: Pre-K through High School


$40/ Private Lesson

1 hour

$20/ Private Lesson

1/2 hour

$20/ Per Person Small Group

1 hour

Frequently Asked Questions

What should students wear?

Leotards are preferred. Participants may also wear athletic/gym wear: fitted tops, spandex, elastic waistband shorts, etc.). No socks or shoes. Pants not preferred. Clean, indoor cheer shoes may be worn on the main floor only. No loose jewelry (small earrings are OK). Hair should be pulled back out of face. Glasses must be secured with an athletic safety strap.

What ages do you service?

Pre-K through High School specialties are offered, depending on their athletic ability and familiarity with tumbling, acrobatics or gymnastics.

What can I expect?

We see that if the commitment and enthusiasm are at the forefront of learning - a gymnast will progress toward a desired goal faster. We will develop specific goals and track progress to plan accordingly each week.

Parents Night Out

Call to schedule your own Parents Night Out

Kids Night Out will include (Pre-K to 12 years old) 6-10 p.m. • Tumbling • Agility • Core • Games • Movie • Pizza provided.

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